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16th. December 2003

(Christmas meal and end of season awards ceremony at Efes, 9pm!)

lost to

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Jon Wilson Jon Wilson
14th December 2003
10:50:45 AM
Um, 16+7=23, for a start.

We'll have none of that calculating subterfuge, thanks very much! Anyway, if you don't play and Graeme wins, then you lose the averages n'all.
Jason Trenouth Jason Trenouth
10th December 2003
04:54:11 PM
I thought it was the 22nd? So it's next week is it? I guess the Sports Hall is closed over the 22nd.

Now I need to know whether Graham is playing on the 16th. If not then I can only lose the averages by playing... :-)

Andrew says that I'd need a Doctor's note if I didn't play but turned up to the dinner... :-)