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8th. July 2003


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Andrew Shires Andrew Shires
8th July 2003
03:10:11 PM
Since we're the only ones looking at this page (because lurkers
obviously do not truly exist), I reckon we could discuss tactics
for tonight's game. Total football, Meint?
Graeme Fairhurst Graeme Fairhurst
8th July 2003
03:08:58 PM
we will need a high energy performance. Less mincing more graft.....
Andrew Shires Andrew Shires
8th July 2003
01:15:59 PM
Come on boys -- we'll stuff 'em.
Jon Wilson Jon Wilson
8th July 2003
10:22:46 AM
Bad luck - you're on the same side as me.
Meint Dijkstra Meint Dijkstra
7th July 2003
10:38:03 AM
The mince meister on a two week winning streak! Can he keep up the good work?