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20 May 2005: Green

Noteworthy! PhotoFriday users voted this noteworthy! My first time: thank you to everyone who voted for it! I had great fun playing with knives - getting the thickness of Kiwi slices right for the light to shine through nicely.



The lighting IS very well done. Nice.

Posted by Jen at 11:25:57 pm on 26th May 2005

Nicely done! Great Pic

Posted by Rafael at 12:57:36 pm on 27th May 2005

Nice, I'll give you a green vote.

Posted by Andy at 01:49:02 pm on 28th May 2005

Thanks guys!

Posted by Jon at 02:17:52 pm on 28th May 2005

Lovely translucent colour. Looks good enough to eat!

Posted by pfong at 02:22:03 pm on 31st May 2005

ooooooo I LOVE this. Congrats on the noteworthy!

Posted by Jan at 03:25:20 pm on 31st May 2005

it is noteworthy allright...great details

Posted by red at 03:14:13 am on 2nd June 2005