Thanks for Everything, Mate

The house feels awfully bigger this morning.

In the early hours, I drank a toast to Desdog – he died around midnight. He really didn’t suffer for too long: within an hour or so of becoming ill he was at the emergency vets and on opiates. My only regret was that in my last nuzzle of the fur behind his ears I couldn’t smell him properly because of the cleaning chemicals in the consulting room.


What a good dog. A constant through some troubled times, his unconditionally doting presence was comforting beyond words. “But that’s just what dogs do”, you might say; and you’d be right. But he was my dog, and that makes all the difference.

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4 Responses to “Thanks for Everything, Mate”

  1. neil alexander Says:

    I know how you feel and unless you’ve been there you really have no idea how much it hurts and how much you miss them. No questions, no hassles, just always there for you. Savour the memories.

  2. Shirley and Don Sanderson Says:


    So sorry to read of the passing of Desdog. Having ‘been there’ we can imagine how you are feeling at this time. Hope you can find some comfort in the knowledge that Desdog was loved and had a good home – oh that all dogs we’re as fortunate.

    Thinking of you.

  3. Andrew S Says:


    I was surfing for some footy info and saw that Des has passed away. I’m sorry to hear it. I have fond memories of him bounding around wherever I saw him — at your place or in the grounds at the Hall. RIP Des.

  4. Mr Wheeliebinland Says:

    Just read this now (shows how often I look at your site). Sorry to hear the sad news.

    He was a daft bugger.