Dear Mr. DPD Courier

DPD logoHow can I put this? You’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you? Please, please, when I’m out and you try to deliver something, do not tape the card saying “sorry we missed you” to my front bloody door at eye level! You see, it might not cross your mind that there’s anything wrong with that, but as I say, you’re not exactly Richard Feynman. The card says “sorry we missed you” but it might as well say “The occupiers of this house are out. Burglars, help yourselves!” Just put it through the letter box, would you please?

On top of that, while I’m at it, please fix your systems. Both your website and your automated phone system, after a lot of faffing about entering consignment details, can’t connect to your SQL server and so fail. It ought to be pretty simple just to get a few printer cartridges into my sweaty mitts, but it appears not.

Parceline may have changed their name to DPD, but they’re still buffoons.

By the way, what made your phone system think I wanted to hear about a new comedy club in Plymouth while I was on hold? Huh?


A new error!



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75 Responses to “Dear Mr. DPD Courier”

  1. Dee Says:

    Oh Well, 25th June 2008 and they’re still just as bloody useless as parceline ever were! Parcels still don’t get delivered when they are supposed to and you still end up having to wait around ALL bloody day for delivery! That’s 2 days of my time wasted so far – Seriously, can this courier company be trusted to deliver goods urgently? I don’t think so!!!

  2. mrs nc Says:

    well nothing changed by the sounds of thing i have been tryring to take delivery of a tv for the last 3 days I just wanted it delivered after lunch dinner 12oclock pm not a chance after failing to speak to someone numerous phone calls emails etc had to call and collet it myself from a local store maybe one day they will listern to their customers otherwise stores need to reconsider their contacts

  3. Ermin Says:

    DPD people cannot drive either! They delivered to my workplace, squeezed into an impossible space which resulted in them damaging my vehicle. This they deny completely. It will not rest here.

  4. Nobby from Devon Says:

    I would just like to add that DPD are excellent!!! in managing to deliver my parcel to Wetherby in Yorkshire on time before 10.30AM.

    The only problem is that I was waiting for it in Truro in Cornwall until 3pm on a customers site and it was urgent replacement parts for the telephone system which had crashed completely.

    So I was p***ed off and so too was the customer who was a main car dealer running a major promotion!!!

    So well done again DPD you are a class act indeed.

    Devon (near Wetherby aparently in Yorkshire!)

  5. Maargart Says:

    Just received a note through the door “Sorry we missed you” I was in the house, only yards from the front door , we have TWO loud bells that ring throughout the house. Looks like this company has not improved and their Customer services sucks!!

  6. Clair Says:

    Third time now that DPD have lost my parcel, the first 2 times the driver insists on delivering to a house that is in A**** path instead of A**** Close despite the word close being clearly printed on the label. This time another parcel has been misdelivered, have been round to the house where it went last 2 times, but occupier is out. Both times, i have had to go round to collect my parcel, makes me wonder what exactly i am paying a delivery charge for. The last occasion I told DPD that they might want to give their driver a reading lesson, tomorrow I will be back on to them. Infact…send the driver here, I will give him a lesson he won’t forget. Useless company

  7. lerc42 Says:

    DPD is the WORST company for deliveries. I wasted all of my day today after speaking for 45 minutes to a useless agent how LIED to my face. They swore that my package was going to arrive today, but hey, nothing yet! The website said the driver left a calling card, that was a lie…no calling card was left in my building…even the front desk said they never saw a DPD man. I called again, was told they spoke to the driver directly and that this time for sure I’ll get my package…it’s 7:00 pm…I track my package and says it was returned to the depot…WHAT AN UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY. I wish there was an easy way to take this to court…AVOID DPD…ALWAYS AVOID DPD…go for UPS.

  8. DPD Couriers: Don’t be out (or at work) | Ben Smith Says:

    [...] Someone else thinks they’re rubbish too. [...]

  9. steve Says:

    lerc42 same thing happened to me! avoid them they lie this service is absolute f….. rubbish.

  10. Sibs Says:

    I am still waiting for a DPD delivery – I paid for a Saturday delivery as I work Monday – Friday, they tried to delivery on Friday for some bizarre reason.

    Phoned to check the Saturday delivery would occur, was assured it would. Never came. Phoned and was promised a before 10am delivery on Monday. Left for work at 10am with no package. Delivery attempted around 3pm (5 hours late!). Was promised a before 10am delivery on Tuesday. Called at 8am to check it would arrive by 10am, by 10am I still had not received the package and hadn’t got any info on where it was. Just after 10am when I left for work I was told it would be delivered at 11am. Finally was promised a 6:30pm delivery on Tuesday so despite getting in late I left work early to get back for 6:30pm. This never showed again. Still waiting for this shambles to be sorted out.


  11. Grant Says:

    Do not use DPD at any cost!!!!! You cant find a phone number for them on their site and they dont deliver on time. Im still waiting for my delivery which is a day late. What a bunch of useless thick twits!!!

  12. Riccardo Says:

    I’m so glad to find this blog, and to know it’s not just me who thinks DPD are the worst couriers ever. This is no exaggeration – they have NEVER managed to deliver a parcel to me. When I order stuff online I absolutely DREAD seeing one of their stupid yellow “Sorry we missed you cards” – left outside my front door – having BEEN IN THE HOUSE!!! Every other courier company can deliver parcels to me – as they have mastered the clever art of “knocking on the door”. I would NEVER use them, and I wish mail order companies would stop using them too.

  13. ian Says:

    november 24th 2009.
    waited in all day for parcel delivery parcel plcked up in northampton for delivery in derbyshire @ 07 20 am not arrived at 6pm could have done it on a bike in that time are well might be flat batteries on sat nav.

  14. Ben Says:

    Awful, awful company. Worst customer service I have encountered. If I have to listen to their infuriating computer voice and irritating news whilst on hold much longer I really suspect that something around me will be damaged quite badly. Incredibly p’ed off!!!!

  15. Alan McMurchie Says:

    DPD not sure if they have the worst customer service. there is Orange, Argos, Edinburgh Repairs Direct, British Gas, Royal Mail, anyone who has anything to do with Councils, almost any company who has a customer service centre. Yeah, OK… DPD do have the worst customer service. JUST DONT USE THEM IF YOU WANT YOUR STUFF TO ARRIVE….USED THEM TWICE…MOBILE…LOST. PARCEL FROM POLAND…LOST. Apparently I signed for them. I was out of the country at the time. Be warned!!

  16. Chrissy Brods Says:

    Having waited for 2 days to get a phone delivered by DPD ( Vodafones fault for using them ), i managed to get through on the phone to them. Only took an hour. It would have helped if they updated the website with the parcels lack of progress.

    Then they tell me the depot is 2 miles from my house.

  17. Chrissy Brods Says:

    Sorry the last comment should have read


  18. Ben Says:

    Utterl useless couriers who cant find my house on three times, despite being on a small estate in a lrage town, with a postcode that flags up on google and every sat nav ive ever used. They make Royal Mail look good, and that takes some doing

  19. Elizabeth Says:

    Not happy at all, ordered holiday clothes from a reputable online clothes shop, who guaranteed xmas delivery, going on holiday boxing day, could not deliver yesterday (stated on their site at 10am) due to adverse weather ….. granted, but today at10am, could not delivery because of insufficient time
    ? from glasgow to dundee? Telephoned them and asked if i could PAY extra for a guaranteed saturday delivery before 10am which they could not do. Then telephoned reputable company and told them the package will be coming back to them, as it’s no use to me now. So the company is £100 down and i’m holiday clothes down. Great.

    Not impressed at all.

  20. Steve Says:

    They are a bunch of useless, timewasting liars. I have sent a complaint to them as they not only failed to deliver but also lied to me twice on the same day. The first lie was to tell me that my parcel was on the van and on it’s way, but their own tracking page on their own website showed it was still in the depot at Crawley!

    I then called them some six hours later asking if it was going to be delivered at all only for them to lie to me the second time by saying that due to adverse weather conditions, they had not made any deliveries that day! The lie there was the “adverse weather conditions” – I live less than half an hour from their Crawley depot and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the roads or the pavements where I live and neither was there in Crawley when I went through there later in the evening on my way to my weekend destination!

    I truly hope they go bust, that they all lose their jobs and that none of them ever get employed again as there are far more deserving people out there looking for work. I run my own company and there is absolutely no way I will ever use DPD myself; shame on Orange for using them to deliver vital communications equipment that is needed urgently too. I have made a formal complaint to them and in fairness to Orange they are going to review their delivery options in the future – so goodbye DPD and good bloody riddance you incompetent, useless, feckless, lying waste of space.

  21. Mike Says:

    Well I was informed by DPD to expect a delivery on Wednesday.
    I waited in all day but no delivery.
    On their tracking website they claim to have ‘been unable to deliver’ and left a card at a house with a white door. There are no houses with white doors in my area.

    When I eventually got through to DPD on the phone Thursday morning, was assured of a Thursday delivery. Within the hour a message appeared on the tracking site saying ‘insufficient time to deliver’.

    I complained to the company with whom I placed the original order and they offered to try for a Saturday delivery, as Friday was a Bank Holiday.
    Decided to cancel my order and I will shop elsewhere.

    Rearranging my life for 3 days to wait around for a parcel seems a bit excessive.

  22. Ian Says:

    DPD Dont Post or Deliver!

    This week two attempted deliverise at my home 30th and 31st December. I arrived homne late on 31st, went on website, got confirmation that the parcel was available for collection on Saturday 2nd Jan at a depot 20 miles round trip away
    Drove there in the snow to be told that it was not avalaible, the system in error “forgot” that Friday 1st was a Bank Holiday so it looks like they will return it to Sender (I am not even sure what it is!)

    DPD CEO is called Dwain McDonald, From the Net he appears to love telling the World how Good DPD are and I would like to tell him, like I told the man at Olbury depot, Today, They are CRAP.

    He appears to live in Stoke on trent and I think we should all try sending him a few parcels to test his system!

  23. Eu Says:

    My story with DPD UK it’s in one word a Disgrace, I have paid for a 3-5 days delivery and after almost 1 month later i still don’t have my parcel.
    I decided to contact the DPD office and ask to collect my parcel from their depot and I was told where my parcel was being held, so I went to the depot where my parcel were being held just to learn the they sent my parcel back to the sender, against their own office instructions.
    Five minutes in the office depot to understand that they work in a anarchy on their own.
    They told me that they have tried to delivery my parcel at my home for four times and I found it strange just because they miss to let a card there. Anyway, I am now waiting for the green light to go and collect myself from their depot once more. It’s clear to me, that DPD UK can’t do the delivery job or they just simply do not want, unless, maybe if I pay more money,… who knows.
    The worst thing to me and the reason why I am in this situation it’s the company which I bought the item online, advertised that the deliveries were to be made by city link delivery company. I wonder how can any company want to be associated with a company like DPD UK.

  24. Chris Says:

    Despite the current problems with the snow, all major roads in Sheffield are cleared of snow and ice and DPD sent me a text message saying that my parcel would be delivered today (2 days late). I waited in all day. Only after 6pm did I find out that it had been returned to the depot due to ‘ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS’ and not one text or call was made to me all day to tell me and save me waiting in. I don’t know what adverse weather conditions they encountered as if it was that bad they shouldn’t have loaded my phone onto the van and told me that it would arrive today. Very annoyed indeed. Some communication to me would not have gone amiss.

  25. Guy Richardson Says:


  26. Mark Says:

    Yup, they’re liars all right,

    I’ve been waiting for my damaged laptop to be picked up from my home address since Dec 31st 09 and it’s now Jan 9th 2010!!

    I called DPD myself yesterday and they said it had been rebooked for collection today (saturday) and guess what? THEY DONT EVEN DELIVER ON WEEKENDS!!

    So she lied to me completely, what an absolute joke. Not only that but she told me she’d get back in touch to keep me up to date and i never heard a thing from her.

    So far i’ve wasted nearly 6 days of my life sitting in the house and waiting for it to be collected….because no one has the brain capacity to tell me what’s going on. I just have to sit in and “hope” they arrive….

  27. Chris H Says:

    Gotta love those adverse weather conditions! Still waiting on my ‘Next Day Guaranteed’ delivery over 4 days later. Cited the weather and a backlog as reasons when I called, them… then, this morning on tracking site it said it was out for delivery! Only to have turned back again at 4pm due to weather. Complete bollocks, the roads between here and the depot are fine, I’ve been driving on them myself. Either the management are running with blatantly too few staff to make the deliveries (most likely) or they’ve got a culture of slackness and excuses for knocking off early by the drivers. Not good enough, I will avoid at all costs in the future.

  28. KEV Says:

    dpd are a great company to work for and we do not lie.

  29. KEV Says:

    also we do deliver on saturdays and have major staff shortages

  30. Fiona S Says:

    Dpd might be a great company to work for but they are a lousy company to be a customer of! I run a online business and wouldn’t dream of using them to deliver goods to customers. Unfortunately some of my suppliers do use DPD and its hit and miss when I receive “next day” deliveries. Trying to speak to anyone is a nightmare and if you do get through to DPD its obvious they don’t give a damn. If you can – avoid using DPD at all costs.

  31. Vixy Says:

    DPD are a joke! i have been waiting for my next day delivery since the 7th January 2010 and its now the 13th! they apparently attempted to deliver it on Monday and said they left a calling card ‘landmark=white door’. someone was in all day monday waiting and no calling card was left. i then rang them later that day to see what was going on and they said their van had broken down so they didnt even attempt to deliver my phone! how did they know i had a white door if they didnt even try?!
    im so fed up. now they are saying they cant deliver because of adverse weather conditions. i live like 20 mins away and i know for a fact that all the roads are clear!
    they are going to ‘attempt’ to deliver it tommorrow now. we shall see.

  32. Mark Says:

    I agree. Avoid this company.

    They’ve failed to deliver when they promised twice in the last month. I’ve stayed in specifically to receive the parcel, and it never arrives.

    They appear to be the easyJet of parcel delivery companies… they appear to operate in such a way, one tiny little unforseen event, the whole thing collapses.

    I will not use a company that uses DPD.


  33. Amy Says:

    Oh how glad I’m I that I found this blog. I ordered something last friday, paid for next working day delivery and guess, what, I’m waiting for it a week after I ordered. They ran out of time on Tuesday (?), were only delivering to high streets on wednesday due to snow, and nothing since. Apparently the parcel is still at the depot. I actually saw a DPD van half a mile down the road today and thought, yay, that’s my parcel. But nothing. No card. NOTHING. And apparently “DPD has picked up the top award for Customer Focus at the National Business Awards, dubbed the “Business Oscars”. This is official recognition that DPD has been judged the best of British companies for putting customers at the heart of everything it does.”

    This was on the DPD website. Nearly choked on my cup of tea.

  34. Glen Lockett Says:

    DPD Manchester have a parcel for delivery to me according to their tracking system. It has been in their depot for 10 days. Following several phone calls, which did not even result in the courtesy of a call back, they have now admitted they have lost it and told me in no uncertain terms, to deal with the sender……
    Rudeness on a grand scale…

  35. Laura Says:

    I’m so angry with the appalling service from DPD. I told my supplier to take back their goods and refund my money. I also told my supplier that I will in future only buy from their competitor (Amazon) who use Parcelforce and have never failed in my experience. With Parcelforce, if I’m not at home when a delivery is attempted, I know that I can collect from my local sorting office – not a 40 mile round trip to my nearest DPD depot. DPD web-site claims that they are a ‘Top 50 call centre’, yet they took 15 mins to answer the phone.

  36. Sally Says:

    DPD have been driving me crazy but this website has made me fell better because at least now I know I’m not alone! I’m so sorry to rant but I hate the company, I hate the news while you’re waiting on the phone, I hate their ‘customer service’ representatives.

    I ordered a new phone from orange via DPD and was told that, although I would not be in for the first delivery, I would be able rearrange the delivery for a suitable time. I got the card the next day and found it was not for my item. Still that wasn’t really an issue. I used the consignment number to rearrange for Saturday but the phone did not arrive. Finally I was told by a customer service representative to drive go to the depot. I drove for 45 min to the depot only to discover that it has been stolen/lost from the depot a number of days earlier – before I was told to go to the depot! Now over a week later I still do not know where my replacement phone is and I’ve had various stories from orange about it being ‘on the van’ then ‘who told you it was on the van?’ etc etc. I just want the whole thing cancelled so I can go back to my normal life and not spend 30 min every day complaining on the phone.

  37. Tell The courier Says:

    You guys got to realise that these drivers are franchasies and only get paid for what they can properly deliver.

  38. Brian Judge Says:

    Until Tuesday thia week I was a happy business customer of O2. Then DPD came on the scene, charged with delivering me a replacement phone.

    On Tuesday they stuck a card through my letterbox offering me an upgrade to a service already paid for in full bt O2. I was only 200yds from my front door at the time and had left a note on my door saying I had just nipped out and my mobile phone number. No call, no delivery.
    O2 then rearranged for the phone to be delivered to their local store the following day. This involved me rescheduling my day, changing appointments and dropping my existing handset of at 9am. At lunchtime I was told that DPD couldn’t deliver until Thursday!!
    Redelivery was then rearranged for my home address on Friday. I cancelled appointments for Friady morning and spent 3 hours waiting for them to stuff another note through my door! No delivery!! My phone had been sent to another address entirely. Was the promised delivery between 3pm and 6pm again no show!!
    Have now been promised delivery on Saturday between 9 and 1pm. I just know that it’s not going to show again!!
    O2 have just lost all their reputation as far as this customer is concerned, I am now considering terminating my contract! I will never again use a company that ships through DPD!!

  39. dave billo Says:

    i ordered parts from Overclockers, sent them a e-mail requestuing delivery on 20.02.10. as nobody available at address before then, for collection.
    Arrived home on 19.02.10. at 9pm, to find card through letterbox ; SORRY WE MISSED YOU ‘. Have been through DPD website looking for contact fone number. only number 0844 824 0505 no personal contact, only the numbersw game !

  40. Wren Says:

    Well, if you’re looking to get hold of them I’ve got a number here thats been reliable, even when the staff on the other end havn’t been.
    08709041017 I doubt it’ll do anyone any good though

  41. Damien Swarbrick Says:

    I have been waiting 2 days for a parcel, i was in my flat all day and when i decided to leave there was a note in my stairwell claiming they had missed me. The same happened the next day, when I phoned to complain i was told the driver could not gain access to the building. So the delivery note must have moved the 12 feet from under the door to the bottom of the stairs. When I told the guy on the phone that the driver must have been in the building he called me a liar. I told him to get the driver to my property straight away and was told he couldnt do that because he would be out of the area (i stay in edinburgh and at 5.00pm there is no way he would be out the city) I was told i should have called straight away and when I said I had he came up with another excuse. DPD is the worst delivery company ever

  42. David Beyga Says:

    Just been a victim of this joke of a company. Should have dropped new phone off but could not get to address because of ‘roadworks’. These roadworks are 1 mile away and do not affect my delivery address. I have had numerous deliveries during this time, with no problems. Rang them an hour after deadline and was told it would be sent next day and that I would be contacted by the Manager as to ETA. Get a call next day to say the parcel had been returned to sender and that I should contact them and re-order it! I have complained to the phone company about their services only to be told they are aware of their poor service. Well,use someone else!

  43. David Beyga Says:

    TELL THE COURIER, “they only get paid for what they deliver”. Well they must be penniless looking at the posts here!

  44. Dave Says:

    I’m a subby for DPD (not a franchisee or employee) whilst i can understand the frustrations of not recieving your deliveries, by far, the vast majority of deliveries are carried out without problem, as with any company dealing with hundreds of thousands of parcels a day, sometimes something will fail, it’s not intentional, all parcel companies experience it, i must say i also find it frustrating that i cant deliver due to people not being home, then getting a call from customer services saying the customer is on the phone and saying they were home when i called, and can i go back and delivery their parcel, if i can return and re-attempt delivery, i will, it’s annoying that when i first attempted delivery no-one was home, then upon return, there is now a car in the drive that wasn’t there originally, in truth, the person had ‘popped out for 5 mins’, but has phoned up and blamed me for not knocking on their door, i make a point of ringing AND knocking, and where permitted, will try neighbours, so please dont blame the courier if you decide to ‘pop out’ or dont hear the doorbell, all said and done, we’d rather deliver your parcels than take them back and have to re-attempt delivery again the following day.

    Also, if you know you have a delivery due, and know you wont be there to receive it, just leave a signed and dated note out to authorise us to leave it somewhere safe for you, we’re more than happy to do that for you.

    It never ceases to amaze me that a lot of people never even bother to
    read the options on the yellow calling cards, there’s an option to sign and date the card and leave it out for us, to authorise us to leave your consignment, but lots of customers dont do that until they have re-arranged delivery after the second attempt, a lot of people could receive their parcels a lot quicker if they just took the time to read the instructions, i’ve pointed this out to many customers upon re-delivery, only to be told “oh i didn’t read the card”.

    Apologies to those who have had a bad experience, i know it doesn’t make it right, but you are in a minority, well over 99% of consignments do arrive at their destination on time.


  45. Dave Says:

    I would like to add, sometimes the problem is due to the senders not putting the correct address or postcode on the consignment, i’ve lost count of the amount of parcels i’ve had which just say for eg,

    John Smith,
    Flat D,

    We get no house number, no house name, no road name, or they get one of the digits in the postcode wrong, so instead of putting for eg SE1 they put ST1, the industry sorting works on postcodes, so an incorrectly addressed parcel could well end up at the other end of the country, which means you wont get your delivery the day it’s meant to arrive.


  46. Anita Says:

    really upset with DPD I dropped off a memory card of mine at PC world for data recovery, unaware they were going to use DPD as their courior to get it their work shop. DPD have gone and lost my memory card along with the back up DVD, which PC world were meant to keep in store. Can any one help me with what to do next. I am really upset as the memory card has got pictures of my family and my new born baby the pictures so precious to me. Please help

  47. Jack Says:

    I have to agree with Dave. I had a long chat with a delivery driver who collects from a company I work for. Sometimes he is late getting to me because he tries finish his deliveries first. so that when he arrives at my collection point at 5pm, he has enough room on his van to collect my parcels. however, most of the time he stops to do my collection and returns to his deliveries afterwards.

    The majority of DPD Drivers are paid per parcel and are under contract to do 90 – 100 deliveries a day. If they have to record a delivery as unsuccessfull then they are really peeved off to do that because they do not get paid for it. Most drivers bring back 10 parcels a day which is about £15 – £20 lost. If you add that over the year, thats almost £5000. I told him about a delivery of which I got a calling card for, someone was at home and but did not hear the bell. He said it is sometimes a catch 22, If you knock too hard, there is a baby sleeping, teenagers have their music so loud they cannot hear the door or they are in the shower. They only spend a certain amount of time at a delivery stop. I asked him why did’nt he post it through the letterbox as it was small enough. He told me there are strict rules enforced where they are not allowed to “leave safe or with neighbour unless authorised”.

    I looked at his scanner and was astonished by the amount of work he does daily. He told me to complete 90-100 deliveries daily and finish in time for my company’s collection (5pm), He has to do 13 deliveries an hour which is just over 4mins per stop. If he was to include setbacks e.g:

    - Phone exchanges where the customer has not backed up his/her phone details(10 mins).

    - Recipients not answering the door in time(2mins – another 5mins if they are not far from home and have left their number to call).

    - Delivering to an office block where there is no company or contact name on the parcel(5 mins).

    - Long, narrow, dead end road which require walking or reversing down(5mins).

    Because of these delays, which build up through out the day, they probably won’t finish untill about 6-7pm(thats leaving the delivery area).

    I used to think my job was hard but these guys work their socks off to deliver our parcels and it is now been made even harder. What they have to contend with is that they have a new ETA system where every delivery is given a “1 hour window”. Therefore the customer will be given an estimated time(eg: 12:30 – 13:30) of when DPD will arrive which is excelent for you and me. Also if the driver has put a delivery as unscuccessfull, DPD will know via the GPRS whether or not the driver has actually attempted the delivery. So if the driver is lying, mangement will know.

    As a customer I would recomend DPD, all I can say is double, triple check with the company who is sending out your delivery that they have got the correct details(company and contact name if an office) before they send it out. You don’t know how hard these drivers work.If you have had trouble with your parcels in the past, I can only assume that it is a inexperienced sub-contractor covering a round or an overflow of parcels in that area. They are paid a “day rate” and are paid for everything regardless of the outcome.


  48. Dave Says:

    Well put Jack, it’s certainly good to know that someone can see things from the other side.

    The ETA system, whilst is a good idea from the customers point of view, still falls down because despite being advised what time we’ll be there, customers aren’t in to receive their deliveries, there really is no excuse, because customers are advised of the ETA and have an option to cancel/re-arrange the delivery, but dont bother to inform us, so we still have to attempt the delivery, even though the customer knows they wont be there to accept it.

    Help us to help you

  49. Mike Says:

    If it is in their best interests to deliver parcels on a first attempt, then surely they’d make some attempt, even perhaps two attempts to see if anyone is in before leaving a “sorry you were out card”. Some basic instruction to their drivers as to what a doorbell is for might help.

    Unless the drivers also have some sort of ninja-inspired stealth contest to see if they can get a card through someone’s door without anyone hearing.

    And well done on having one of those automated phone systems where there’s not an obvious option to speak to an actual human being.

  50. Dave Says:

    Mike, i hear your type of complaint all the time, do you honestly believe we’re going to drive to you, park up (not always right outside either) and walk up to our property just to put a card through your door? if that’s what you believe, then you’re seriously deluded, why on earth would we do that? it’s far quicker and easier just to deliver your parcels to you, if we dont deliver, we’d only have to re-attempt again the next day, there’s no point really eh?

    Why do people continue to blame couriers because they didn’t hear the doorbell/knocker? how is that our fault? we’re an easy target i guess, far be it for anyone to be man enough to admit it was their own fault and they didn’t hear us knocking etc.

  51. Dave Says:

    Prime example today, i knocked and rang on a customers door today to collect from them, no reply, spent time writing out the card, posted it through the letterbox, went to drive out of the cul-de-sac, a car comes round the corner, i flagged the driver down and ask if they were from xxx address? he replies “yes, my wifes home, didn’t she answer the door?” went back to the house, his wife was in the kitchen with the washing machine going, she couldn’t hear the doorbell or knocker,

    so i guess that’ll be my fault then?

  52. Matt Says:

    I just did a search for DPD are rubbish and it came up with this site, some great posts. Yes, I too am here because of the terrible “service” that DPD offer. I moved to a new house last year and my first time of using them, they couldn’t find my house via sat nav (even though I specifically told them that would be the case and gave them clear directions, to which the driver even said he knew exactly where it was!). So what did they do? Put a card through somewhere else, totally different address and INSISTED that they had carded the correct address. This happened 2 days in a row with some very expensive computer equipment rattling around in a van, while the driver phoned me up and said he had carded a front door that was white – for the second time in a row I told him “I DONT HAVE A WHITE FRONT DOOR!”. They had my correct address so there was no excuse. In this instance I contacted the company that sent the stuff out and had to cancel. At this time no other courier I used had any trouble delivering to me.

    Now only my second time of using them is happening at the moment – and guess what? They’ve screwed up again, I paid for next day delivery on some expensive electronic items, that were due to be delivered last Friday and they never turned up, no card – nothing. So I phoned them, they were totally perplexed as to why this stuff hadn’t been delivered, but assured me it would be out for delivery first thing Monday morning. Monday morning came and went, I took the day off work – thier website didn’t show anything, so I phoned them to find out my parcels had now been shipped up to the wrong hub half way up the country – now Tuesday and without another days pay and the delivery is sheduled for this morning, I won’t hold my breath though.

    I have never had any problem with other couriers here, UPS, RM, even Citylink were better than DPD! – and that is a shocker. I for one won’t be buying from any company again that uses DPD, the only two times I’ve had the misfortune to use them and both times they cause a lot of problems, never again.

  53. Amanda Says:

    Well, I have had my first experience with this company today and I am not happy. Online tracking said that was delivered to my workplace at about 14:00 this afternoon and signed for by one of our mailroom staff.

    Only problem is . . . that member of staff left the company a week ago! The mailroom haven’t seen my package anywhere and advised me that in their experience, if couriers have got to know who normally signs for things in companies, they often sign it themselves and dump the parcel somewhere! They can claim the parcel was delivered, and get their commission. Unfortunately for them in this case, they picked someone who no longer works for the company.

    I have emailed them, and asked them to send me a copy of the signed receipt note – reading the above, I am not expecting many great things from their customer services!

    One very peeved package awaiter . . . .

  54. Ade Says:

    Who wants to hear a recorded voice pretend to tap keys on a keyboard when all you want to do is speak to someone?

    Then when you are waiting for the option to speak to someone, (which there isn’t!), the voice then tells you that as we are having difficulties, to call back later!


  55. john Says:

    Hi,im a DPD driver normally covering the Stroud valleys in Gloucestershire.Daily I have to hear the moans of other drivers,who have apparantly converted the simple task of delivering a few parcels on time into a grim ordeal.all of you who have had problems deserve good customer pay our wages.some of us drivers are trying to stay focussed while our company introduces efficiencies which are,on the whole,well received.other companies drivers are totally amazed that our drivers are achieving over 99% on time first time delivery success.There are muppets at DPD,just as in any organization,but there also a lot of grafters trying to make sure that the parcel that you ordered on the internet on a wet bank holiday,still gets to you despite you being out at work,with neighbours that you have upset,who resent not being advised that you’re expecting something.
    I have issues with DPD,but,trustme,if Ive got your parcel,I’ll be delivering it,and you will have a text or email in the morning telling you what time i’ll be there

  56. Billy Says:

    John, you must be one of the ‘Home delivery Heroes’ ! – what would we do without you ? How the hell you can wear those daft T Shirts beat me – you must get ribbed all and every day. Seriously though you sound like a decent bloke trying to make the best of a difficult working environment, but I am afraid to say that the problem with your Industry sector is that the majority of couriers are complete muppets. As the pay scale is so low the job attracts all and sundry, and as the employers have no real care about employee status and the calibre of personnel they will recruit anyone with a driving licence that can breathe and walk. It must be frustrating for folk like you that care and just want to earn a living for a honest days work but you are, by default, all tarred with the same brush – one step up from road workers, 1 step below bin men.

  57. Elizabeth Taylor Says:

    The telephone system we are using today still uses the legacy Tip and Ring -48 Volts line which is susceptible to noise.:-”

  58. Rosie Says:

    Well I have just been on the receiving end of DPD and their lack of being able to post parcels.

    I ordered an upgrade of my phone from Orange on the 24th of June.. being told that it would be with me the following day on the 25th (Friday)! I was told to expect a text in the morning stating a delivery time. I waited until 5:30pm, no text, no parcel – no nothing. So I decided to ring up DPD armed with my consignment number. I spoke to a lady who said that the parcel was still sat at their main hub and would be out for delivery to my local depot on Monday.

    Quite happy in the knowledge that my phone should be here on Monday I left them to it. Monday arrives – no text this morning. I rang DPD up AGAIN and the woman on the phone told me to hold the line whilst she rang ‘my’ depot. When she came back she told me that the parcel was still at the main hub and they can’t seem to find it, so I need to ring Orange and start an investigation into where the parcel has gone. Thanks a lot DPD!

    Rang Orange who are trying their best but their attitude seems to be, they sent the parcel, they’ve done their bit! (Which is true!) Waiting for a call back from Orange now when they’ve heard from DPD about starting their investigation into my ‘lost’ Blackberry Bold! Orange are going to cancel my upgrade and get it put through again for delivery tomorrow. We shall see what happens! My complaint lies with DPD completely.

  59. Tobio Says:

    Mike, i hear your type of complaint all the time, do you honestly believe we’re going to drive to you, park up (not always right outside either) and walk up to our property just to put a card through your door? if that’s what you believe, then you’re seriously deluded, why on earth would we do that?

    Yes dave… Why on earth would you do that, it doesnt make sense, yet on exactly 5 occasions now with DPD (and DPD only) this has happend with me, with three separate deliveries. On 4 of those occasions I was in all day long, and found the card on my doormat when I went to pick up my girlfriend from work at 6pm. and on 2 of those occasions I have even received other parcels from Parcelforce on the same day, so my bell was definitely working. No other courier has this problem with delivering parcels to me. The only logical conclusion is that they want the recipients to upgrade for 10.00 GPB saturday delivery.

  60. Sally Says:

    Tobio, you are living in cuckoo land – there is no way the driver is going to card your property in preference to delivering the parcel successfully !! If he/she is an employee it means they will have to go your address the following day (which they wont want to do) or if they are self employed they will not get paid for the attempted delivery. Your problem probably lies with the fact that you don’t respond to the door bell/knocker or are just not in. Saturday upgrades don’t happen – the depots avoid this option at all costs as they want an easy hassle free Saturday with as little parcel traffic as possible. They get paid a lot of money on a guaranteed basis that makes volume a non requirement for a Saturday.

  61. John Says:

    DPD is a company which operates on the very verge of being fraudulent. They will lie their way out of any situation which they have created by their own hopeless incompetence.

    I waited in for two whole days for a parcel being delivered from a computer supplies company.

    Day 1: The parcel was on the DPD van but wasn’t delivered, despite promises, because the poor thing of a van driver couldn’t be bothered to drive five miles out of town into the countryside. Excuse given: the driver ‘didn’t have time’. So that’s alright then. The parcel was driven back to the depot, forty miles away.

    Day 2: The parcel was on the DPD van but wasn’t delivered, despite promises, because ‘there was a package on the van but the label had come off’. Lies – when the parcel finally arrived on the third day the original label was in place. The parcel was again driven back to the depot, forty miles away.

    Day 3: After bending the ear of the company which sent the goods (remember – they are DPD’s customer, not you as the mere recipient) delivery was upgraded to ‘before 12 noon’. Something must have gone wrong, because it actually turned up at 11.30am. Needless to day, the driver was completely unrepentant, and considered what had happened to be perfectly normal practice and seemed not to understand what I was complaining about. He also let slip that it is normal practice for DPD not to bother about 12 noon paid-for delivery at all, and simply to deliver if and when they feel like it.

    This outfit defies description. How they stay in business is beyond me.

  62. Tony Says:

    They stay in business because people like you keep ordering goods online from companies that use DPD. The driver was right, premiums (timed deliveries suchs as: befrore 10 or 12, or pm) are no longer recognised as a requirement, the emphasis is on the ETA time slot. As long as it is delivered within the time slot (which is generated by the driver) then all is ok, according to DPD.

    DPD believe they are at the cutting edge of technology and offering a service that is unparralled, they truly believe they are the Market Leaders – the reality is that recent implementations of ETA and other baffling operational issues have put them back 10 years in the courier service methodolgy. They are heading, very rapidly, towards a dramatic decline and fully desrve the consequences. They are run by an outdated management structure that is pathetically under qualified and self indulgent.

  63. Dave Says:


    With all due respect, think about it, i might have to drive 6 or 7 miles (maybe more) just to deliver to your property, and have nothing else in your area, i wont get paid to leave you a card, i only get paid for successfull deliveries, do you really think that i’m going to want to do that 2 days running by carding you? i want your parcel delivered and off my van, so i can get paid for it, and also, because tomorrow, i might not have to come anywhere near the area where you live, so i can have an easier day, so as you see, it’s in my own interest to deliver to you. There are several reasons you may not have heard the doorbell/knocker, you could have been in the loo, out in the garden, who know’s? but it’s far easier to blame the courier isn’t it?

    Sadly i think far too many people just jump on the bandwagon to have a go at couriers, rather than admit their own failings, we’re an easy target aren’t we? I’d love some of you to come out with me for a day, just to see for yourselves what our day entails, then maybe if you saw it for yourselves, you wouldn’t be so quick to have a go at us.

    Most companies are run by people who have never actually done the job at the sharp end, it’s a fact of life i’m afraid.

  64. Carbine Says:

    OK Dave, you may have a valid, but sort this out. I have a parcel that left the sender on 21 July 2020, today is 30 July and I am still waiting for it. I appreciate that I live in a rural area and therefore deliveries may take a day or two longer, but having not received it after a week I began getting a bit tetchy.

    DPD just would not answer me. Emails went totally unaswered and phone calls were always met with a “We will call you Back” lie.

    Eventually I managed to track the depot it was in and gave them a call. 2 days later I get a call back from them.

    If I am prepared to drive to a town 26 miles away from where I am I can have my parcel. The driver wants to visit a mate their so he can kill 2 birds with one stone. I point out I am a pensioner and have paid for a door to door service and that is what I expect. He tells me that it will have to wait then until he is next in the area!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I believe that advertising a service you do not & can not deliver is called fraudulent trading isn’t it?

  65. Dave Says:

    Carbine, do you have a tracking number for the parcel? with the tracking number, you can trace where it’is at all times, and if a problem arises, you can find out pretty quickly, a parcel will be scanned along every step of its journey, it’ll be scanned at the pick up point, then it’s logged again once it arrives at the depot and is loaded onto the trailer taking it to the main hub, it’s scanned again when it gets unloaded at the hub, then scanned again when it gets loaded onto the trailer taking it to its destination depot, it’s scanned off the trailer and into the depot, then it gets an ‘out for delivery’ scan when it gets loaded onto the van for delivery.

    Looking at your issue, i’m guessing there has been a pretty big problem with your delivery, but without knowing the tracking number or where abouts you are, i cant say if it’s something to do with the area you live, or something else, but even in the most rural of areas, i cant see why it’s taken that long, i can only guess at what the problem may be, which doesn’t help you at all.

    I hope you manage to get some resolution to your problem though, please post again if/when you get your parcel, and let me know what the problem was

  66. Dave Says:

    Carbine, as an aside, are you 100% certain that your parcel was actually sent when they said it was? it’s not uncommon for companies to say they’ve despatched an order, but in reality, they may have run out of stock or misplaced the order etc, and not sent it out when they say they have, i have experienced this on numerous occaisions, and had customers complaing to me for delivering late, but on checking the barcodes, the despatch date doesn’t tally up with what the company have told their customer, again, it’s easier to blame the carrier.

  67. The truth will prevail... Says:

    Wow, really surprised about the volume of negative comments about DPD. Im sure some of the situations here have been amended/exaggerated to benefit the complainer as per usual, but no doubt some have had genuinely bad service. With the sheer volume of traffic the company sends per day some things will go wrong, and very often it is down the the sender/receiver giving out dud/incomplete addresses, or not putting additional delivery instructions on the parcel/label.

    Obviously the company gets it wrong sometimes as well, but these things DO happen with every delivery company. The amount of awards DPD have recently received, as well as the implementation of ETA (or Predict) which is running at over 99%, shows that DPD are actually pretty good. The facts don’t lie, and neither do the fact that big companies continue to send parcels through us, not to mention the fact we are consistently adding to our list of senders.

    What also doesnt help is where senders tell the receivers that its DPDs fault (as people will usually phone the sender and not DPD) when it is blatantly obvious it is the sender who have sent out the parcel late, damaged, or with the wrong delivery info.

    The manner in which some of these posts have been written shows the pathetic level some of you choose to live. By all means tell all about your problems (truthfully mind!) but to tag ALL the drivers as unintelligent, minimum wage idiots does nothing to help your cause. Maybe this imaginary higher level you are on (and the attitude which comes with it) is part of the reason the drivers gives you a problem… probably not actually as most drivers will rise above it and laugh it off.

    As a DPD driver (not franchisee) I actually have a job which I enjoy, don’t get hassled throughout the day, and can leave work at night without taking it home with me. Personally I get no complaints about the deliveries I make, but I still get the usual problems of senders not giving out the correct or full address. Luckily I am usually able to have these sorted before I leave the depot partly due to my local knowledge of the route.

    BTW I have a uni degree, and am qualified in other professions where I could no doubt slug it out to get a bit more cash, but I decided quality of life was more important and am glad I made the change. I earn plently from DPD as it is (probably more than you think).

    Anyway to finish off, a very big sorry to those who have a genuine greivance with DPD (and not the sender), I know it doesnt make it any better to say you are in the <1% who experience a problem with their delivery, but give us the 2nd chance to get it right. Most of the time we will succeed.

  68. 2nd chance to get it right? No the third... Says:

    Don’t be surprised The truth will prevail…says! I too can strongly vouch that DPD are the worst couriers going if you happen to be one of their unfortunate “customers”.

    I am on my third delivery with these clowns. Through my own 3 seperate personal experiences with DPD, I can only say I strongly believe most of the posters here are not amending or exaggerating their situations. Far from it!

    On the first occasion I crossed paths with DPD (about 7 months ago), I was given the run around from the start. I was given promise after promise by them, saying my item would be delivered next day, but nothing showed. Only after contacting the online company I had ordered the goods from to complain, did my item eventually turn up.

    My second dealings with them (about 2 months ago) had to be the most farcical. I had to contact the company to ask where my goods were, when they did not show after my waiting a week after receiving a dispatch notice. The company emailed back to say “we are struggling with the courier as to what has happened to the original lot”.

    I then received a answer phone message from DPD saying they had a parcel which they had tried to deliver 2 days running, and I would have to phone them back. But guess what – they did not give a phone number!

    They don’t leave calling cards, and then they seem to think customers are psychic and can pluck their phone number out of thin air.

    On this third occasion, my heart sank when I saw a card from DPD, and realised that my latest purchase from a online company was also being sent by them.

    I have tried on numerous occasions in the past few days, to phone DPD regarding my parcel, but no one answers my call at the depot. The card they left has no local depot address where I can pick up my parcel either.

    I am now waiting on the company I ordered from to sort this out for me.

    This is the 3rd chance DPD have had to “get it right” for me.

  69. John Says:

    Suffice to say that I have had only one brush with DPD (as detailed above) and that was enough. DPD gave me one of my worst delivery experiences ever. They treat their customers (sender and recipient) with undisguised contempt.

    When I want to order goods from a company in future I shall be telephoning to make sure they do not use DPD – if they do, I’ll be looking elsewhere for the goods, even if it’s necessary to pay a bit more.

  70. 2nd chance to get it right? No the third... Says: Says:

    Yep, same here, I will be checking with all mail order companies in the future before purchasing, don’t want a fourth DPD tale of woe to post on here!

    Just want to add that I purchase regularly from online companies, and it is very rare for me to have a problem with a courier, but every delivery with DPD was a
    farce, turning what should of been a pleasant buying experience into a stressful

  71. Dave Says:

    Dear oh dear,

    instead of moaning about a lack of this that and the other, when you order stuff, GET A TRACKING NUMBER, as soon as you have a tracking number, you can check that all the delivery details are correct, if not, you can then advise the carrier, you can also track it’s journey all the way through, if the company you are buying from cant give you a tracking number, ask yourself – why not? probably because they’re not despatching it when they say they are, then you can all blame the delivery service when it doesn’t arrive when expected.
    Please note, a tracking number isn’t generated onto the system until it’s been collected from the sender, parcels are scanned as being collected at the senders address, and are logged electronically, by having a tracking number, you can see at a glance exactly when and where the item was collected from.

    In this electronic age, it’s easy enough to track stuff anywhere in the world, if you cant be bothered to even check the progress of a parcel, whether or not it’s even been despatched, or even if the details they have for you are correct, then why complain? You can always do something for yourself to help ensure you receive a good service, not that difficult is it.

    If you have issues regarding a delivery, contact your local depot rather than the sender, who may not always be truthful with you.

  72. 2nd chance to get it right? No the third... Says: Says:

    Dear Dave Says:

    I can’t possibly see how a tracking number would help when dealing with DPD.

    In my experience it is impossible to get past the automated system to talk to anyone at my local depot. In the past few days I have rang DPD on 5 separate occasions hoping to get through to a real live human being to give my alternate delivery address to. I’m sorry, but I think it’s unacceptable to expect a customer to wait more than 15 minutes on hold.

    If a customer did have a tracking number and did find out DPD had the wrong address for a delivery how do you propose they go about telling them if they can’t get through to their local depot?!!

  73. Dave Says:

    well i never, i just put the local DPD depot into Google and within 0.000024 of a second, there in front of me was a list of all the addresses and phone numbers DPD depots around the country, IT’S REALLY NOT ROCKET SCIENCE IS IT?

  74. Dave Says:

    10 West London 0208 978 3843
    28 Commercial Way
    Park Royal
    NW10 7XF

    11 Woodford 0208 498 8643
    Unit 1, Woodford T/E
    Southend Road
    Woodford Green
    IG8 8HF

    12 London South 0208 243 3606 Unit 1
    Beddington Farm Road
    Off Purley Way
    CR0 4XB

    13 Kings Cross 0207 391 8646 101 Camley Street
    NW1 0PF

    14 Dartford 01322 625643 Unit 3
    20 Kennett Road
    DA1 4QN

    15 Crawley 01293 893647 Whitworth Road County Oak Way
    West Sussex
    RH11 7SS

    16 Chelmsford 01245 232093
    Chelmsford2: 01245 232056
    Montrose Road
    Dukes Park Ind Estate
    CM2 6TE

    18 London Bridge 0207 394 3968
    Unit 5
    Mandela Way
    SE1 1SE

    19 Isle of Wight 02380 344644 Unit 1, Enterprise Way
    Somerton Business Park
    Newport Road
    Isle of Wight

    20 Maidstone 01622 714646 Unit C
    Riverside Business Park
    New Hythe Lane
    ME20 6WT

    21 Southampton 02380 258646 Unit F
    Omega Enterprise Park
    Electron Way
    Chandlers Ford
    SO53 4SE

    22 Dunstable 01582 470643 Unit 16
    Humphreys Road
    Woodside Estate
    LU5 4TP

    23 Reading 01189 232643 Units 1 – 3
    Commercial Close
    Commercial Road
    RG2 0QS

    24 Newbury 01635 812643 Hambridge Lane
    Hambridge Road
    RG14 5TU

    25 Gloucester 01452 727196 Jessop Court
    Waterwells Business Prk
    GL2 2AP

    26 Leicester 0116 250 1606 28a Centurion Way
    Meridian Business Park
    LE19 1WH

    27 Bournemouth 01202 850300
    Unit 1 & 2, Arial Park
    Uddens Trading Estate
    BH21 7NL

    28 Geopost Wembley
    (Park Royal) 0208 601 7643 Unit 2, Athlon Road
    HA0 1YJ

    30 Birmingham 0121 665 3343
    Broadwell Works
    Birmingham Road
    B69 4DA

    31 Thetford 01842 855646
    10a Burrel Way
    Stephenson Ind Est
    IP24 3RW

    32 Rushden 01933 414645 Unit 17, Norris Way
    Sanders Lodge Ind Est
    NN10 6BP

    33 Peterborough 01733 842643 Empire House
    Saville Road
    Westwood Ind Estate
    PE3 7PR

    34 Cardiff 02920 772643 Spring Meadow Ind Park
    Mardy Road
    CF3 2ES

    35 Bristol 01179 415605 Units B1/B2
    Kingsland Estate
    St. Philips Road
    BS2 0JZ

    36 Exeter 01392 449643 Heron Road
    Sowton Ind. Estate
    EX2 7LL

    37 Cornwall 01872 574643 Victoria Business Park
    St. Austell
    PL26 8LX
    38 Swansea 01792 704643 Unit 1, Wyndham Court
    Clarion Close
    Swansea Enterprise Pk
    SA6 8QZ

    39 Yate
    (West Coast Express) 01179 374700
    Unit 21
    Pucklechurch Ind Estate
    BS16 9QH

    40 Manchester 0161 777 4606 Northbank Industrial Est
    Bessemer Road
    M44 5BF

    41 Nottingham 01159 777646 Unit 8
    Centurion Business Ctr
    Dabell Avenue
    Blenheim Ind Estate
    NG6 8WA

    42 Leeds 0113 292 5642 Network House
    Middleton Grove
    LS11 5PX

    43 Warrington 01925 605646 Unit 20
    Stretton Green Ind Est
    Langford Way
    WA4 4TQ

    44 Abergele 01745 357843 Unit D
    Tir Llwyd Ent Park
    Kinmel Bay
    LL18 5JN

    45 Preston 01772 662606 Millennium Road
    Millennium City Park
    PR2 5BL

    46 Sheffield 01142 572647 Unit 2
    Thorncliffe Ind Estate
    Brookdale Road
    S35 2PW

    48 Stoke 01782 578643 Unit 21/22
    Roseville Road
    Parkhouse Ind Est West
    Newcastle Under Lyme
    ST5 7EF

    49 York 01904 476642 Plot 5, Centurion Park
    Clifton Moorgate
    YO30 4RY

    50 Glasgow 0141 305 3643 104 Fullarton Drive
    Investment Park
    G32 8FA

    51 Edinburgh 0131 335 4043 Unit 23
    Cliftonhall Road
    EH27 8PW

    52 Aberdeen (Express) 01224 878686 Ocean Trade Centre
    Minto Avenue
    Altens Industrial Estate
    AB12 3JZ

    54 Newcastle 0191 402 5643 Unit 4
    Monkton Business Park
    South Tyneside
    NE31 2JZ

    55 Carlisle 01228 829643 Unit 2
    Kingstown Ind Estate
    Brunthill Road
    Carlisle, Cumbria
    CA3 0HA

    56 Glasgow 2 01698 811235 Unit 3
    Tannochside Drive
    G71 5PD

    71 Dublin 00353 18425122 Unit 53
    Airways Ind Estate
    Dublin 17

  75. Dave Says:

    Boy!! that was really difficult, and people think we’re the stupid ones!!
    pot – kettle – black?